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Sedona Adventure


“5 Days in the Sedona Vortex!”

  • Event Price $1,395
  • Deposit $295 reserves your spot
  • Click on: “Choose An Option” below to see a dropdown list of all possible payments
  • Save 3% Credit Card Fee by paying with Check or Direct Deposit. See Details in Product Description
  • Write in the Note area which Adventure you are attending
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Beautiful landscape view of Cathedral Rock, one of the minor vortexes within the major Sedona vortex. Sedona, Arizona being the most power vortex in the Western Hemisphere.Sedona Adventure

5 Days Having Fun Exploring Sedona Eating Yummy High Vibe Food!
With Bridget NielsenSandra Rolus & Kirk Nielsen

October 10 – 14th, 2018

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Deposit and Early Bird Special Pricing

  • Deposit $295 reserves your spot and gives you first choice of the rooms.
  • Early-Bird Special is $1,195 if paid before August 15th, 2018.
  • Regular Price of $1,395 if paid after August 15th, 2018.

Pay by Credit Card on this Website. If you choose to pay using this website with your credit card, there will be a 3% fee added to the total.

Save the 3% Credit Card Fee. Credit cards are easy and convenient, but the bank charges 3% if you choose that route. You can save the 3% fee if you send us a check, deposit a check directly into our checking account, or do a wire transfer. If you want to discuss other possible ways to pay call Kirk at 310-633-1777. If you send or deposit a check, it will need to come from a U.S checking account. See more details below.

Example of 3% Fee. if you are paying $1,000 there will be $30 added for a total of $1,030.

PayPal. Use PayPal to pay online with a credit card. If you use PayPal add 3% to the total to cover PayPal’s fee. Here are 3 ways you can pay with PayPal: 1. Click on this convenient PayPal link and enter the amount. 2. Go to PayPal’s website, click on Send, enter my email and the amount. 3. Send an email to requesting a PayPal invoice be emailed to you. You can pay with your credit card and you don’t need a PayPal account.Sedona Adventure at the Top of the Red Rocks

Call with Your Credit Card Number. We can take Credit Cards. Call me (Kirk) at 310-633-1777 with the following 5 pieces of information: Name • Credit Card Number • MM/YY (Expiration Date) • CVV (3 digit code on the back) • ZIP Code. There will be 3% added to the total for using a credit card.

Mail A Check. If you have a United States checking account you can mail us a check. You don’t need to add the 3% Credit Card Fee. Make your check out to Harmonious Earth. Mail it to Harmonious Earth, 170 Pyramid View Drive, Sedona AZ 86336.

Deposit your check into our Account. You can deposit your U.S. check directly into our checking Account if you have Bank of America or Chase Bank near you. You don’t need to add the 3% Credit Card Fee. In case they they ask our address is 170 Pyramid View Drive, Sedona AZ 86336. Write “for deposit only” on the back of the check. Message me and I’ll give you our bank account number.

Bank Transfer Using Your U.S. Bank Online Account. You can deposit your payment directly into our account from your U.S. Bank online account. Usually it requires my email or phone number 310-633-1777. You don’t need to add the 3% Credit Card Fee. We have accounts at Bank of America and Chase. They are a part of the ClearXChange Network which makes transfers easy and free. Here is a list of ClearXChange banks: Bank of America, Capital One, Chase, FirstBank, Frost, U.S. Bank, and Wells Fargo.

Wire Transfers range from $20-$45 depending on your bank, and may be a good way to pay if you are outside of the US. You don’t need to add the 3% Credit Card Fee. Message me and I’ll give you our bank wire information.

If you have questions or are interested in other options to save the 3% fee, call Kirk at 310-633-1777 or email at

Travel Insurance and Refund Policy

We recommend you get travel insurance in case you need to cancel or something unexpected comes up. You can get travel insurance for $50-$100 at CSA Travel Protection

We don’t offer refunds, but you may be able to apply a portion of what you have paid towards another Adventure depending on the amount, which Adventure you apply it to, and other factors. Let us know as soon as possible and we will work out what we can.

Click Here to See Website with full Details!

Additional information

Payment Options

Deposit $295 (+3%), Early-bird Balance after Deposit $900 (+3%), Early-bird Pay In Full $1195 (+3%), Balance after Deposit & Early-bird ends $1,100 (+3%), Pay In Full after Early-bird ends $1395 (+3%), Partial Payment Option $450 (+3%)


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