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Patrick Haize

Patrick Haize

My description has been time-stamped in Earthly terms with various titles. The following literary signifiers were collected from ‘Earthly Creation Archive’…… under ‘Fluctuating Linear Code-scripts’ Section 9,

Entitled ‘Self Creating Transformational Archetypes, Humanoid English Translation’

P3 L1 States as follows;

Various perspective interpretations have been listed here representing approximate harmonically resonant frequency translations as they were measured from specific time-space coordinates.

The purpose for this listing is not to define but rather to assist the inquirer in strengthening their ability to anticipate transformative frequency modulation and manifestation rhythms from within a general Earthly context.  Following is a list of some helpful conceptualized translations:

Transformation Specialist/Experientalist/Researcher/Harmonic Translator/Creationist/Shamanic Hip Hop Activation Catalyst/Writer/Songwriter/Psychonaut/Galactivation Portal/Future Planetary Mirror/ Presentologist/Old Paradigm Code Buster/ Connector/Bliss Gradient Connoisseur/Natural World Student with a fluorescent color infatuation, etc.

One of the more encompassing metaphors that has been found to be useful in describing this phenomenon is that of the ‘intuitively upgrading transdimensional Space Cab’, synchronistically providing portal openings across creation as it dances its ever changing expression.

The Fuel – A passion for Love

The Navigator – Heart Resonance

The Route – Synchronicity

The Driver – Creativity Conceived

The Vehicle – Creativity Expressed

The Trip – The Experience Itself

Destination – Here and Now

This ‘Space Cab’ is a self-creating and self-transforming energy. Pickups will be at the perfect space-time coordinates for all parties involved. Giggle drips 😉

To put it simply, for all the Shirley Temple drinkers, I love to find and explore new Ideas/States of Consciousness/Vibrations/Energies, etc. and create fun and innovative ways of sharing them with others whilst remaining an ever curious and awe-inspired student. Some of my expressions are Music, Videos, Creative Writing, and strange humor.

Life Theme 

Theme seems to be transformation, ‘the only thing that stays the same is change’, so much change it looks like I robbed a homeless dude…. actually that homeless dude was me before I changed into a non-homeless dude. Funny thing is I probably look more homeless now than I did when I was homeless. Anyway before the theme changed to a theme of change, it was a theme of stagnation. Luckily I changed from unlucky to lucky in time to wander onto this Harmonious Earth, and It all started with a dream about dogs and spaceships. Maybe I’ll tell you about it sometime. 😉

Interests in my childhood that align with my life theme

I have memories of losing myself in music production/songwriting and dancing. It’s a cool trick, this losing yourself thing, it’s cool cuz by losing yourself you create the opportunity to find yourself again and every time you find yourself you find out that you aren’t even the same you you were when you got lost, so I guess the question is who did you really find? Or is the real question who were you really looking for? Or maybe the question is, who is the you that is doing the looking, or maybe there is no question but only a choice of answers. Oooooh I like choices, or maybe……. uh…. Never mind I lost my train of thought…….

Experiences and challenges that have expanded my gift

I learned about being an American Citizen and about Television, and about McDonalds and Burger King and I learned about banks and War and competitive business and alcohol and drugs (the really bad ones like heroin and tap water) and disconnected sex. I learned about greed and lack and many other corrosive emotions as well as limiting belief structures. I found all those lessons very very challenging. All of these lessons simply showed me which direction to go in, that being the opposite direction. I also learned to love them for being so blatantly unresonant with me. If they were more sneaky about it I might still be confused about a lot more stuff so thank you 3D douche paradigm, thank you for sucking at concealing your inner douchery. I will always love you for that.

Influences from other incarnations

Well, these influences seem to keep a steady stream of visions coming in. I’m not sure really where to start so I will just puke out whatever comes to me in the next 60 sec, okay….. ready go

Um- white haired dude playing the piano in like the 16th? Century

-a higher consciousness form of fire/water that communicates thru different algorithms and fluctuations of fire/water movement.

-stars….bright ones #3

-the expression of certain universal colors in their myriad forms of consciousness

– you know what,  actually,  this is a cool one, I think I have a part to play in the inter-dimensional mechanics of giggles and laughs, something to do with balancing the channels of laugh energy as it courses through dimensions to ensure that the energy moves clean through to whatever alternate energy expression it takes form in without degrading in the process.

Also I was definitely a gypsy recently… that’s for sure

Time’s up

Where I am now

I am in an awesome place now, I feel like I am advancing exponentially and have the perfect environment for me to keep unraveling, I feel inspired and enthusiastic to quickly address any blocks or issues that may come up for me with the knowing that it is nothing but an exciting opportunity for expansion. My favorite way of explaining where I am at is through music and art and I look forward to sharing with y’all. 😉

What really excites me

Here is a list of excitements:


-New ideas/energies/experiences, etc.


-Living in Sedona community (every time I pinch myself I get excited that it hurts!!)

-super foods

-spring water


-funny ideas/expressions


-metaphysical studies


-fringe science



-barefoot hiking


-deepening my connection to the planet and the sun/stars

-envisioning the communities’ future manifestations

-creating new forms of learning and teaching


-learning from my community/family

-shapes and colors



okay I could probably go on forever so I will just stop there 😉


Life IS a Fairy Tale

Life IS a Fairy Tale

By: Patrick Haize

The idea of sleep seemed farfetched as I sat in my bed with my back against the wall and laptop on my legs. It was about 2 am and I had to be awake by 4:30 to make my flight on time. I recently began the practice of consciously manifesting my reality and had begun to sample my first taste of the infinite cosmic jackpot that was available. The rule was simple; all problems I encountered were “blessings in disguise” and the trick was to strip the disguise off of the blessing before the disguise fooled me. What’s cool is: as I continued to practice, the blessings were not only being stripped of their disguises faster and faster, but were appearing naked more and more. Blessings are extra hot when they’re naked. For several years I’d had the intention to visit somewhere in Central or South America for December 21st 2012. It didn’t matter where exactly, as long as it was near an Aztec/Mayan pyramid. I knew for some reason that I was supposed to be there, and up until the second time my travel plans fell apart, I had what many would call an unrealistic confidence that a path would be magically cleared for me. Ironically it wasn’t until 2 hours after I made peace with the idea that I wasn’t going that this manifestation crystalized.  After an uncanny series of twilight zone synchronicities, (just a week before the winter solstice) I had managed to get myself a free ticket to Synthesis 2012 festival, free round trip plane tickets, and enough camping gear to survive outside for a week in Mexico. All this came to me from separate sources, on the same day in a five-hour time frame. I was either meant to be there or I somehow freed a genie somewhere.

I shut my alarm off before it could ring and was through security at the airport over an hour before my flight left.  I didn’t mind being there early: it gave me time to read up more on the 2012 phenomenon. I was flying from San Diego to Phoenix and from Phoenix to Cancun. I wanted to absorb any useful info that I could about the conversion while I was in the air. On the flight into Phoenix I sat next to a man named Jorge, who was so enthusiastic with his conversation it took all my focus off the book. I was reluctant to give in to the conversation at first but so far the blessing game hadn’t failed me, so I decided to roll with it. He described his childhood growing up poor in Mexico; how he shared a bed with his three brothers and how they couldn’t afford toys so they played with rocks. He also remembered going to sleep hungry most nights. He talked about how much he used to like drinking fresh coconuts from vendors on the street and suggested that I try one with “meat in”. It was interesting hearing Jorge describe his impoverished childhood because I didn’t sense even a granule of self pity in him. He talked about wanting to be a counselor, and his philosophy of how the nature of any circumstance can be alchemized with a simple change in perspective. I related to him with my recent experiences of conscious manifestation, all of which were born from keeping a positive perspective. As the plane started to descend, I asked him again how to pronounce “meat in” in Spanish.  “You’re really gonna have one for me?” he said. “Yeah man I’ll have one for you. Actually, you know what how about this, I promise I will have a coconut for you if you promise to take a serious look into becoming a counselor,” I said. He stopped and thought about it and I saw his eyes light up, “you know what, yeah that would be really good, later I could think about you drinking that coconut and…” he trailed off and I saw him imagine me in Mexico drinking a coconut like he was remembering the good old days. “Deal,” he said, and we shook on it. As we were parting ways in Phoenix he said to me, “this was supposed to happen, we were supposed to meet on this plane weren’t we?” “I’m sure of it,” I responded.

Synthesis was being held on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula about 50 miles inland south of the Caribbean coastline in Piste Pueblo, next to the ancient Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza. After landing in Cancun the red carpet continued to roll out for me -there turned out to be quite a wait for the next public bus going towards my destination and at first I was looking at another 5-6 hours travel time minimum. If I was not anticipating the blessing I would have probably been grumpily looking for a bench to camp out on until the next public bus came but instead I managed to somehow stumble my way into the last seat on a charter bus going directly through Piste Pueblo.

Local Mayan Elders and event producers from Mexico were involved with the Synthesis team in orchestrating the festival.  Indigenous wisdom keepers around the world had a “sacred mission” which was given the highest priority during the event. This “Sacred Mission” is a movement into a new age of peace and enlightenment in which the wisdom of the indigenous is made available to the rest of the world so that we may be in harmony with mother earth and live in tune with the planet once again.

The festival had two stages, the hacienda stage and the pyramid stage. The hacienda stage (located at the hacienda hotel) was where the live bands performed and many of the speakers/wisdom keepers shared their stories. The pyramid stage was 9km away from the hotel and stood behind a huge dance floor near the general camping area. It was a giant pyramid with stairs going up either side of it meeting at the apex where there was a dance platform. The DJ booth was in the center near the bottom and this was where all the DJs played their sets throughout the festival. Orientations and preparative ceremonies were scheduled for the days preceding the solstice; and the day of the 21st was dedicated to focusing unified energy of peace and love. The days that followed were a celebration blended with an assortment of workshops, keynote speakers, and healing rituals with topics ranging from crystals and shamanism to technology to astrology and interplanetary phenomenon.

Throughout the week there were many unexpected wrenches that were thrown in the gears of the festival: there were not enough rooms at the hotel to accommodate all those who were promised them and people were forced to camp outside and bunk up, some even 6-7 in a room. There were transportation issues to and from the airport, as well as up and down the 9km stretch separating the hotel area from the camp grounds/pyramid stage. Many full experience pass holders that were promised free tickets into the ruins failed to locate the person handing out free tickets and ended up having to buy their own way in. To top it off someone in the police department was attempting to extort the festival for half of the proceeds! Before the trip I heard the Mexican government was not going to allow ceremonies on sacred lands during the solstice, I wasn’t sure how deep the political issues ran, but it seemed as if the staff was taking a positive approach. I noticed they started their meetings with meditations and ohming to clear the energy before addressing these various issues. Everybody had been affected in one way or another by the challenges that were presented that week, and for the most part peoples experiences seemed to follow one of two themes, either disappointment or serendipity.

After dark I arrived at the Piramide hotel where many of the performers, media and speakers were staying. The hotel was on an ancient sacred Mayan burial ground and had a jungle village area out back where those without a room were pitching their tents. I found shelter under a bamboo cabana next to many of the other campers.  There is a stillness of the energy there that is unique unto itself. An orchestra of birds and crickets were layered with sounds of the breeze fluttering through collages of leaves and branches. You don’t realize just how abrasive all the electromagnetic frequencies are in populated areas until you get a genuine taste of an electromagnetically quiet zone. It’s like a static I was unaware of had suddenly been muted to reveal a quietness that was so natural it somehow felt nostalgically familiar. The town locals had a strong family vibe and greeted me with a welcoming energy. Their enthusiasm for helping me communicate seemed free of any in genuine etiquette or judgment and the hospitable atmosphere there quelled any image of hostility that I had prepared to possibly encounter while in Mexico.

The speeches given during the orientation on the afternoon of the 20th were divinely inspiring and for most of it I had tears in my eyes. The orientation acquainted people with various techniques for interpreting the shift effectively and gave special attention to the significance of our energetic influence: everything we did, said and thought was magnified exponentially and would echo through the universe setting the tone for the future of the planet. Dr Joe Marshala gave an analogy about this – he said if you were to drop 4 rocks into a pond around the edges and follow their ripples as they traveled to the center, we were at the point where the ripples meet and intersect.  As the energy culminates in the center we were responsible for shaping it into new waveforms as they are redirected back out to the edge of the pond.  Many Wisdom keepers such as Chief Yagbe, Nyame Selassie, Wanique Shabazz, Ac Tah, Maestro Mazatzin, and Dr Raja Dove also shared their interpretations of the occasion.  The way I see it, our thoughts and emotions create geometric signatures that vibrate physical matter into forms and circumstances that match those signatures. As many who were informed about the importance of this occasion knew we were in the most energetically influential part of the world at the most energetically influential time in history. Wanique Shabazz noted that some would have karmic debt to pay and experience more troubles during the transition, while others would transition more smoothly.  What was most important was keeping our thoughts and emotions positive while we remained in a peaceful state of inner balance.  It was like my philosophy was being echoed back to me!

After the orientation it was announced that the Pleiades aligned with Earth at midnight and there was a fire ceremony being held in the far campgrounds to ground the Pleiadian energy into our planet. I walked back to my camp charged up and blissed out. Armed with an arsenal of positive vibes, I was ready to transmute any poor unsuspecting negative energy that crossed my path. It was a good thing I had just been positively inspired because it wasn’t long before the karmic debt collector started kicking peoples’ doors down. The front of the hotel was mobbed with disgruntled ticketholders, spiraling into an energetic hysteria. As a result of refusing to pay the extortion request, police were threatening to kick everyone out of the campgrounds and had stopped letting people in to set up camp. Staff was understandably stressed, as they had to explain this to angry and panicked guests. Many travelers already had problems with transportation getting into town, and finding out they may not have a place to camp was like the vegan icing on the gluten free cupcake. The fear of political interference had manifested into form, as so many people had anticipated it might. One guy I talked to earlier that day walked up to me with a nervous, neurotic disposition. He ran his fingers through his hair and rubbed the back of his neck… “its happening, the government is shutting us down” he said and walked away in a panic. I noticed myself begin to drift with the tide, as the energy was really turning bad.  I looked around and saw Chief Yagbe standing with a group of smiling people, all chanting and laughing in a circle. This was perfect inspiration for me to shake all negativity. When faced with a seemingly valid reason to panic its easy to lose your cool. Ironically the hardest time not to panic is also the most important time not to panic. There was a huge amount of energy we were dealing with here, and not only was it just an hour before the day that many people on earth were anticipating catastrophe, but we were at the epicenter of where that catastrophic event was most likely to manifest. Manifestation time was short and we were at a critical crossroad, so how we handled this would not only affect our present situation, but the future of the world at large.  I focused on holding space, transforming all stress into love, as I noticed the wisdom keepers doing the same. Things got even more chaotic when staff got orders to put the hotel on lockdown, in case the police decided to come raid it. Many of us were now bound to the grounds of the hotel. I approached Josh, a presenter from San Francisco, who was there to do a workshop on crystals and ascension – “this is so exciting,” I said  “we’re right on the cusp of the new age, everyone’s collective energy is manifesting this, and people are getting all their fears out before we change directions!” “That’s right this is not a problem, it’s an opportunity!” he agreed. We decided to split up and walk around inserting our optimism into all the stressed out conversations that we encountered. At one point I was at the pool when a lady had such an intense channeling session that she fell in, convulsing and speaking in tongues. I remember thinking to myself “this is crazy” while I continued to focus on holding positive space. I noticed a group of people pointing to the sky; a blue/green light was flying around erratically.  They were ruling out different identifiable possibilities as we watched this light zip around and disappear behind the trees. Strangely, within a couple minutes of midnight a wave of relaxation spilled over the scene. It was like we shifted dimensions or something; one-minute things were all panicked with people hysterical everywhere; the next minute everyone was just hanging out looking at the stars. Not long after the energy shift, word made it back that things were now under control. The police were no longer going to kick anyone out; they still weren’t letting any more people into the campgrounds that night, but the raid scare was over. I stayed by the pool that night listening to Tricia Mcannon talk. She told stories about the origins of the human kind, as well as the interplanetary history of the universe. Right before I was about to retire for the night a guy walked up with a tripod and camera; he looked pale with a puzzled look on his face. I couldn’t make out what his media pass read, but judging by his camera, this wasn’t the first event that he had covered. He approached another man nearby that must have been his colleague, “I don’t know how to explain this one” he said, “what do you mean” his colleague said, “I don’t know… I cant explain what I got” he said, to which his colleague replied “well we don’t need to explain anything all we need to do is show it”. As they walked away together I figured he must have caught that UFO on film; from his reaction I had a feeling that more happened down at the other camp than I was aware of. The next day I came to find out that not only was I right, but what did happen was crazier than I could have ever anticipated.

At 5:11 AM on the 21st  (the moment of the winter solstice) we gathered in front of the hotel for a candle lighting ceremony, and then walked in silence to the Pyramid. So many full experience pass holders hadn’t claimed their free tickets into the ruins that I was given a free $70 entry ticket! Upon entry I was told that we were not allowed to sing or chant too loud, or have any burning rituals, unless we had a permit. Of course that didn’t stop us from doing it anyway; nothing was going to keep us from concentrating our energies together for this occasion. A few people from the group had even hopped the fence before the ruins opened, to hold a ceremony at exactly 5:11 AM. The ceremony lasted until almost 5:30 before they were escorted off the premises! The Pyramid of Kulkulcan was practically humming when I approached it. The energy from the center of the universe was channeling back through it intensely and it was almost intoxicating to be near. The ruins were filled with people from all different walks of life – spiritual seekers, wisdom keepers, Mayan elders, tourists getting tours and locals selling merchandise, even law enforcement was there to regulate non-permitted ceremonies. Miraculously, Fantuzzi, a spiritual musician, was able to lead one particular ceremony with burning offerings and loud chanting for nearly 2 hours before being asked to quiet down. Spirit was definitely looking out for us during that one. Ac Tah and his people were doing geometric movements that collect energy for the relocation of an energetic planetary grid point; I helped throughout the day as the energy was moved to another sacred site near the Hacienda hotel. At one point there were two entire circles of people holding hands all the way around the pyramid of Kulkulcan in the name of world peace. We laughed and sang and played as if we had achieved world peace, and as far as we were concerned we really had. I have no doubt that we succeeded in blessing the future of the planet with positive intentions. I truly felt like I was in a different world that day, a world that is now a shining light at the end of the tunnel we are traveling thru.

In between dances, ceremonies, and channelings, I interviewed nearly a dozen people about their experiences the night before, in order to unveil the rest of the story. Just before midnight, due to refusal to pay the bribe, the police had begun storming the party to shut it down. Despite the police interference, the ceremony for the Pleiadian alignment was still preformed. Everyone I spoke to saw the UFO, and more than half not only saw what I saw, but claimed that right around midnight the UFO split into 4 different directions.

Concurrently, right around midnight, the police miraculously had a sudden change of heart! The officer in command had been ordered to raid the party, and kick all the occupants out of the campgrounds, but before he could follow through with it something inside him changed. He wouldn’t do it! He actually called over his boss’s head to stop the raid, claiming that these were good people and his conscience wouldn’t permit it. Police officers had a change of heart during a raid?! Now if that’s not eerie enough I also came to find out that the camera man from the night before, who happened to be filming the UFO when it split directions, had simultaneously captured what looked like morphing geometric holograms, dancing around a prayer circle, less that 50 yards from where the police were located! So right as earth aligned with the Pleiades, during a ceremony to ground the Pleiadian energy, there was an unexplainable UFO phenomenon and massive energy shift; an energy shift in which once crooked police had a moment of clarity! Now I can’t prove that this UFO was directly responsible for the energy shift and change of heart, but I have to say that it seemed pretty likely we had some help from our friends. If I can get clearance to use the footage, I will be putting it up the Vision Magazine website soon, If not I will put up a link to it.

The magic continued to unfold throughout the duration of the festival; I would need write a book in order to fully translate how shockingly serendipitous it all was. The locals are used to getting ripped off by American organized events, and they usually keep their distance, but they were so flattered by our welcoming vibe that they not only asked to attend our party, but the mayor even invited us to their gathering and provided shuttles to and from their town square celebration. A local Mexican television station came out to film our party, and had so much fun they decided to spend the entire weekend filming us. This was awesome because by airing our gathering on local television: it helped to spread the vibration of international unity. What some experienced as a disorganized scheduling of workshop locations and start times, gifted me a synchronistic flow of unforeseen spiritual stimulation. It was like my higher self was reorganizing the schedule, specifically to give me a more meaningful experience! I even inherited a full experience bracelet from someone that left the gathering: scoring free food for the weekend, as well as a shuttle ride back to the airport!  I exchanged countless mutual synchronicities with the wisdom keepers and spiritual seekers I interviewed. Ironically during many of these interactions, I simultaneously overheard others complain about the “bad luck” they were having. During one conversation, Dr Joe Marshala and I agreed, that the level of synchronicity we were experiencing on this expedition was so continuous that the non-synchronistic moments were what stood out as unique.

Having faith that something better than you can imagine is always there waiting to be discovered keeps you literate in the language in which the treasure map is written. All the light workers I spoke with agreed: it was important for us to stay in contact and work together to spread the vibration of this dimension we had created. This article is my first reflection of this vibration; I hope it shows how powerful of an effect someone’s state of being can have on a situation.  There are blessings born from every so-called “negative;” if you’re not open to receive the blessings then someone else will. As I got a back massage on the plane ride home to America, I remember thinking to myself  ‘this game of stripping blessings is truly a form of alchemy’. I have found all the proof I need to rest assured that when approached with the right vibration, life is an enchanting fairy tale, and the only outcome worth counting on is to be pleasantly surprised.


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