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Living The Law of One

Reason or Impetus for the Event

We have arrived at a time where where the “calling,” desire, and support of the people is strong enough to have an event that is different from other conferences, one that is devoted to living higher conscious principles like those found in the Law of One. Corey (and David) has been “seeding” and talking about the Law of One for the last few of years and there has built up a large following that would like immerse themselves more deeply into the Law of One. Bentinho and Bridget have also been doing the same with those that follow them.


“To offer love, and inspire the exploration of wonder, and mystery…It is impossible to help directly. It is only possible to provide catalyst and radiate the light.” 17.2. This is will be the guiding principle of what the speakers offer at this event is. “The few whom you will illuminate by sharing your light are far more than enough reason for the greatest possible effort.” RA Session 1.10.


LIVING THE LAW OF ONE. We could also use the title LIVING THE PRINCIPLES OF THE LAW OF ONE. Either title lets attendees know that the event will be about inspiring them to practically apply the Law of One. Our tag line could be something like: “Penetrating intelligent infinity and moving closer to fourth density.” This would set a pure level of intention, and set a heart based high vibrational tone, and attract people who are open, willing and ready to learn/teach and not those interested in more transient concepts. RA said, “the level and purity of this contact is dependent upon the level and purity of information sought” 37.4.

Speaker Guidelines

The speakers will share RA’s message/concepts verbatim, and share their understanding of the concepts as best as they understand them, and share how they have applied the concepts beneficially in their own lives. The focus will be on what RA teaches in the Law of One, so the material presented stays consistent and is as pure as possible without other philosophies being brought in. We want to emphasize that this is not a religion, that RA does not want to be worshipped, and that we are not offering this in a dogmatic way (laying down principles as incontrovertibly true). We want to be open, compassionate, loving, and share with our hearts as best we can, and remember that we are humble servants of the Law of One. The interchanges will be as much about the spirit and loving vibration of the speakers as what the speaker says.

Speaker Names

We’d like to keep the number of speakers low to maintain the cohesion, flow and a high vibration. If adding speakers enhances and expands the events and maintains the cohesion, flow and a high vibration we’re open making those changes.

Speakers we have so far…
Main Speakers: Corey Goode, Bentinho Massaro, Bridget Nielsen,
Other Speakers: Michael Waskosky, Patrick Haize-transient information, Sandra Rolus-sexual energy transfer
Master of Ceremony/Speaker: Kirk Nielsen


Some possibilities: The purpose of third density, harvest and shifting to 4th density, wanderers role here at this time, chakras and balancing chakras, densities and working through them, infringement and free will, archetypical mind, service to others verse service to self, sexual energy transfer, solar system history and Earth’s place in that. For Corey’s presentation it would be interesting for people to hear what RA and Kaaree have taught him first hand about the Law of One and how Corey has been practicing the principles and the challenges and rewards of doing so. There are many more subjects and many ways to organize them. It will all come together and we will present the material in the most beneficial way we can.


The event will be at the Sedona Performing Arts Center. It is an auditorium that seats 750 people. With the followings of Corey, Bentinho, and Bridget we expect about 500 to attend.


April 27-29, 2018. Friday evening starting at 3 PM. Saturday and Sunday all day. This is one of the most popular times of the year to visit Sedona. Having it in Sedona and at this time of year will be an added attraction.


$300-$500 depending on different packages and early bird specials that we provide.


Two or maybe three local vendors like Chocolatree and Local Juicery will provide healthy high vibe food/meals and drinks for sale in the lobby.


Attendees can stay at local hotels, houses for rent, and Airbnb’s.

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