Kirk Nielsen AntiqueMy Title – Gift – Talent

Community Developer, Facilitator of Synchronicity, New Systems Developer, Frameworks Architect, Social Structures Engineer, Consciousness Expansion and Transformation Specialist.

Description of My Gift

I love to create systems that are more efficient, harmonious, and expansive, that can replace existing constrictive limiting systems. I see the energetic structures, which are belief systems, that create physical reality. I see the big picture and have a full vision of how everything works together and what each piece needs to do the make the whole work.

I sense each person’s individual gifts, what puzzle piece they are and where they fit into the big picture of the unified whole.

Because I know that I am an infinite aspect of Creation and that Creation has my back, I have the courage to take leaps of faith and move about with seemingly no solid footing below me, finding new ways of being and more efficient ways of doing things.

I make systems more efficient by doing more with less. Then I can do less and get more. This is the key to abundance.

I know that “what is happening” is a perfect reflection of what I am putting out, so I trust it and use it to direct the development of more of what I prefer and the good of the whole.

My Life Theme

Some of the major themes / challenges / negative beliefs / issues that I have explored or that I am currently exploring and transforming in this incarnation and that have come up as blocks as I have followed my excitement are as follows:

Kirk Sitting On RockTransforming the limiting belief that I am alone, disconnected from Source, have to do it on my own, and don’t have support into believing that I am connected, one with everything, and constantly 100% supported.

Balancing being loving, accepting, inclusive, and compassionate while being driven, focused, efficient and accomplishing, which could also be described as balancing my feminine and masculine energies.

Creating alignment between the frequencies of being imprisoned, controlled, manipulated, and victimized into realizing I am free, empowered, I get back exactly what I put out, and I am the one who is choosing whatever I am experiencing. You could say I am understanding how to utilize the power of illusion rather than being under illusion of power.

In relationships I would give up what I wanted and my own self love to make my partner feel loved and happy. Now I do whatever I love to do and I’m excited for the others in my relationships to do whatever they love to do. Unconditional love…

I’m exploring how to experience major transformation of not just one or two qualities, but transforming everything in an entire dimension such as moving from the 4th to the 5th dimension.

Interests In My Childhood and Teenage Years That Align With My Life Theme

When I was a child I would play in the dirt with my toy cars, trucks, sticks and blocks, building elaborate communities with roads and houses. I was the kid that went around neighborhood knocking on doors to get the other kids to come out and play games and sports. As a teenager I worked on my Dad’s rental properties and built houses with my Brother.

Experiences and Challenges That Have Expanded My Gift and Me

I learned about living in a very structured and limited way from being raised in the very conservative culture of Mormonism. This stage of being involved with the church ended when I left my parents’ home. I used the opportunity to transition from limiting beliefs to more expansive definitions, which turned out to be a twenty-year process.

I learned how to develop systems from the many businesses that I owned. I developed business database software, racking systems for inventory, route management systems for delivery, commission reporting systems, cost analysis for developing business parks and residential communities, project scheduling software, team management and many many more.

Oneness of Us Books by Kirk NielsenI have been a general contractor, real estate agent, and real estate developer of gated residential communities, luxury homes, and commercial business parks. I built spiritual communities as well as physical communities. I founded Oneness of Us to bring people together at social events to connect consciously and facilitate synchronicities. I have taught workshops, done personal coaching and written 3 books which you can purchase from Kirk by emailing me or on Amazon.

I have gone from having no physical possessions to being very wealthy, living in a mansion, having any physical thing I desired, then lost it and then got it back again. I have learned that it is not what you have on the outside that makes you you, but who you are on the inside. Physical assets will come and go; the experience of life is forever.

Sometimes having money can be a crutch and hinder personal development. I learned to trust my higher self when I did not know where I was going to get the money to finance a project and I would always come up with a way. I realized this is what I am here to learn; to allow my higher self to “conceive” how things are going to happen and my physical self to “perceive” how they are happening.

Influences From Other Incarnations

Cross-connections of simultaneous incarnations through my oversoul that I have drawn on to aid me in deepening my understanding of the meaning of my life are as follows:

I have strong cross connections with Nostradamus, his understanding of existence, and his ability to see the future. He is one of my spiritual guides. My connection with him expanded my understanding of the nature of existence through the process of me writing questions and then taking notes of the ideas that came into my head. I did this almost every day for a year. The three books that came from the sessions in 2010 are titled: Oneness of Us – Who Am I?, Relationships, and Wealth. You can find them on Amazon or email me.

Other cross-connecting simultaneous incarnations are: Venice in the 1400’s as the daughter of an aristocrat where I was torn between not wanting to follow society’s rules and being cut off from the money if I didn’t. In the French revolution where I fought for the rights of the common man and died in solitary confinement for not disclosing the identity of a cohort the authorities were pursuing. As a little black slave girl with a speech impediment that made me appear retarded who lost her parents when she was little and watched her brother, who was the only person she could depend on and whom she deeply loved, get tortured by the son of the plantation owner. In the American Revolution with Thomas Jefferson and the signing of the Declaration of Independence. As a Native American Indian having the land taken in the westward expansion of the United States.

Kirk Nielsen in SedonaWhere I Am Now

I am excited to live in community with myself and in community with other people, which are my other selves. I never imagined the extent to which I have had to let go of limiting beliefs to arrive where I am now.

I have let go of the idea of lack and not being enough and exchanged it for knowing that I am an infinite being expressing myself in this incarnation as unique aspect of All That Is. I have let go of the idea of career, money, and being controlled by money, and replaced it with the idea of freely sharing my innate abilities with all who are synchronistically attracted to them and need them. I let go of the traditional ideas of marriage and family and now see everyone as my family, mother, father, son, daughter, husband and wife, always trusting and allowing synchronicity to attract me to whom I need to be with when I need to be there, knowing that what is happening is meant to happen.

I have been on a constant path of growth and evolution all my life. I have devoted myself full time since 2008 to personal development and awakening to who I truly am. I am unencumbered from limiting commitments and free to give all my time and energy to do whatever I am led to do in each moment to be the most that I can be. As a facilitator of Harmonious Earth I have, to the best of my ability, aligned myself with the values, moved to the necessary frequency, and taken action in whatever way I can.

Kirk FaceWhat Really Excites Me

What really excites me is: to assist in providing the structure and execution necessary to live in harmony with each other, with the environment, share all resources, having everyone follow their highest joy, and to not worry about fixing the old system, but having a new system ready to take its place when the old system collapses.

I am excited to create a network of communities, along with the necessary industries to sustain them, around the world with people living together and working together in harmony. To create a new network inside of the existing network, built on an entirely new platform and holistic philosophy of valuing people and their talents and the good of the whole Earth, rather than being disproportionately skewed to valuing money and power, and then expanding the network to include a larger network, and a larger network, until it covers the entire Earth.

By: Kirk Nielsen