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Exciting Times

We are very excited to be involved in this exciting time of world transformation where everyone is choosing what kind of an Earth they are going to experience. If you are reading this it is probable that you are choosing to shift to an Earth of unification and harmony. We have created a template for the kind of world we are excited to live in and a plan and a tool kit to make it happen. We’d love to join with you and share our creations with yours!

“We welcome you! Join us and play in our sandbox with a new set of toys.”

There are many communities around the world taking on different roles in this world transformation process. Each is a unique puzzle piece that fits together to create everything that is necessary for the complete puzzle picture of a harmonious Earth. Some are eco and sustainable oriented, some spiritual, some with new economic models and some with a combinations of these new ideas. Learn about the different communities and go where you are inspired to go. Find your place. Find the puzzle piece that you are. All are necessary and equally important.

Harmonious Earth Sedona Community MembersPresent State of the Sedona Community  

At the present time we have rented a house in Sedona that can accommodate 5 or 6 people in their own rooms and the house is serving as the Harmonious Earth Headquarters. We also have an area, if arranged in advance, where visitors who are in alignment with Harmonious Earth values and want to join us at some point can stay for a short visits. When we reach capacity we will rent another house and continue to grow the community. If you join us you will do your part along with us in generating the money and everything else it takes to make it all happen.

In addition to being a beacon for gathering together those individuals that want to live in a harmonious way in community, a main facet of Harmonious Earth is also to assist in gathering together those individuals who have come to Earth at this time to assist in the hybrid program. You know who you are. Here at the house we are very aware of the energetics we need to maintain to be in alignment with the high frequency of the hybrids. Balancing the energy of new residents coming in and maintaining as high of frequency as possible in the house is a top priority.

We’re excited to get a large piece of land where we can build a sustainable physical community that would be supportive of people living together in this new harmonious paradigm that is based on sacred geometry. Sites such as Maui Hawaii, Glastonbury England and others are slated as the next communities to be established and will happen as more and more people join us and are inspired to create them. Contact Kirk if you would like to join us and together we will find a fit that works for you and us.

Hybrid Children Community coming to EarthSedona is the Headquarters for the Hybrid Program

The Sedona Harmonious Earth Community has a certain specific mandate. It is the headquarters for the Hybrid program and receives information and disperses it to the other communities around the world. There may be other key locations come up that will serve as other headquarters, but for now, for us, this is it.

The Sedona community along with the other Harmonious Earth Communities serve as sanctuaries or enclaves to receive the hybrid children coming to Earth sometime in next 5 to 15 years. They will serve not only as a first contact locations, but locations where hybrid children can live an acclimatize before joining the general population. The communities also serve as a way for the the humans living at them to raise their vibration as high as possible, so they can meet the hybrid children and ET’s halfway.

We are doing our part on Earth to prepare to live with the hybrid children just as the hybrids are preparing and doing their part to come live with us. This is a very momentous time in Earth history. Things will never be the same. We came here at this time to do this. Each of us in the community has agreed to be a part of it and has a specific role to play. We have tremendous support from their side. We have tremendous support from our side. Now it is just a matter of living our joy which will bring all the necessary pieces together and watching it unfold. It is happening and there is nothing that will stop it.

Those coming to join us in these communities know who they are and they chose to be here with us now and prepare the way for first contact and be the first humans living together with our galactic family. They have done much of their individual work and are ready to do their collective group work and raise their frequency as high as possible.

What We Are Doing in the Communities

Coming together in community allows us to do our collective work as well as individual work. Doing group work is part of the holistic process and cannot be done by intellectually thinking about it or by sitting alone reading a book. We must physically experience unconditional love, compassion, surrender, and self empowerment with other people in order to ground the energy and viscerally experience it.

The reason for coming together as a group is to learn how to get along harmoniously, to behave in ways that are in the best interest of the group as well as ourselves. We learn to maintain our own self empowerment without disempowering others and at the same time learn to be compassionate and kind in the midst of conflict or someone lashing out at us.

We are breaking these old habit patterns and stopping the cycle of avoidance of pain and feeding the craving for pleasure. We realize these are just sensations that arise and pass away. We are taming the wild elephant sized mind and shifting to allow our higher minds to be in control by utilizing techniques like Vipassana meditation.

Work in Progress textThe values of Harmonious Earth we have put forth come from channeling, from our dreamtime, from our future selves, from ET societies like Essassani, and Sirius. They represent the way we live in the future and we know the the future is now and we shift there by believing and behaving as if we are there now.

We are not presently living the values fully at this time, but we doing our best to move in that direction. We get glimpses of what it can be and then fall back into old patterns, but each time hanging on to a little more light and falling back a little less. We are progressing and moving more and more into the light. Sometimes it appears that we are anything but harmonious and it seems like we are falling backwards and are darker than before, but that is because we are reaching deeper and negative beliefs from our core are coming up that have not been exposed before and are not pretty to look at. We have to get it all out on the table, which is progress, and is the process of ascension.

Being Ready To Physically Join Us Now 

If you are ready to jump in now and come join us in Sedona you are welcome. You will need to have read through the entire Harmonious Earth website, understand it, resonate with it, and agree with the common values. You don’t have to be living all the values now, but you do need to be desirous and determined to do your best to live them.

You will also have to provide enough finances to pay for your shelter and food. At the present time we pay rent and buy food with money we make from our own personal talents and work. We are in the process of setting up group industries that we can all work at that will pay the bills for all of us, but until that is in place you’ll need to do your part and pay your share.

We may or may not have room for you where we live and if we don’t we’ll have to rent another house, which will require the money and credit for the rent and deposits. Everyone is willing to work together and do whatever it takes to manifest the vision of the Harmonious Earth we dream of. We are all in this together and when we unify we can make it happen with joy.

Harmonious Earth Community MembersHarmonious Earth common values are 4th density values and very different from the 3rd density values lived in mainstream society. We understand that it will take some time to transition and that you need to shift at your own rate and do what is comfortable for you. It will all happen in perfect timing.

You will need to have done much of your personal work, be ready to do your collective work, let go of much of your old limited programming, and be living your joy as much as possible. Doing your personal work means the you have at least begun to get a hold of the idea that you are the reality that you used to believe you existed in, that you know you are the Source of your power and that your power does not come from outside of you, and that this is your dream, it is your story and you get to write it how ever you choose.

Joining Harmonious Earth Energetically

If you are excited by these ideas and have a sincere desire and determination to live The Harmonious Earth Common Values and definitions, you have already joined us energetically. Being a part of Harmonious Earth is a matter of being in alignment with its definitions; that’s what creates a collective reality and that’s what we are doing, creating a new collective reality.

It is all about frequency and being tuned into the same channel as the group. The unification of the group is not about everyone being the same, but everyone expressing their individuality in unity which creates a beautiful symphony. It’s a perfect balance of unification and individuality.

One of the Harmonious Earth core values is that you get back what you put out, so if your definitions are in alignment with the philosophies of Harmonious Earth, then you are vibrating at the same frequency and are automatically a part of it. It is as simple as that. You have shifted yourself to that reality by defining yourself in the same way others of a Harmonious Earth have defined themselves and are now having that collective experience. You have joined the  Harmonious Earth bubble reality simply by choosing to. 

”We take care of each other and take care of the Earth because we are all family, we are all connected, and what we put out we get back.“

You become a part of the Harmonious Earth family when your energetic frequency is in alignment with the other individuals of the group and the group’s common values.

Steps You Can Take Now in Your Personal Life

  • Follow your excitement… to the best of your ability in every moment, without expectation, until you can take it no further and then repeat. This is the number one thing to do! It will show you very quickly who you really are and expose behaviors that are not you.
  • Lighten up. Let go of what does not serve you. That includes physical possessions, habits, jobs and relationships. We are becoming very mobile and there won’t be any room for excess bagage where we are going. Learn to do more with less and then you will be able to do less and get more.
  • Utilize a personal practice. Expose yourself to only positive, expansive, uplifting thoughts and media. Catch and eliminate all negative thoughts, behaviors, TV, music. Be impeccable about this and do it every moment. Only talk about what you want to experience. Turn off mainstream TV and listen to consciousness expanding media like: Bashar, Echart Tolle, Abraham Hicks, in your car and on your headset when you’re moving about in your day and read books by authors like: Neale Donald Walsch, and my books Kirk Nielsen.
  • Live as a Harmonious Earth now. Learn the concepts, live them, practice them, write them, teach them, breath them until it is your first nature. Behave as if you are already the person you want to be. Live the life you are in as though it is a Harmonious Earth community.

“You will never change the earth you are on right now or anyone on it. By changing, you will actually shift to a parallel reality that is more representative of the vibration you prefer.” 

Sedona Community Members looking to the skySteps You Can Take to Be A Part of Harmonious Earth

  • Download Harmonious Earth EBook and read it.
  • Contact us so we can connect and get to know you. Send an email for now until we get the sign up form up.
  • Be getting yourself ready to physically move into one of the communities. Take action on the steps above. It can be a lot of work and take some time to transform yourself, so it’s best to get started now so you’ll be ready when the communities are ready.
  • Donate money. You can let us know what you want it used for. For example: to purchase properties, buy a green house, use to cover our expenses as we get the network going, etc.
  • Donate houses, cars, gas, food, airfare. We can use it all.
  • Donate your business, so that it becomes a part of Harmonious Earth.
  • Donate your skills/time. Be part of the team from where you are at. Let us know what you’re excited about doing in building the network. It is a collaborative endeavor and we want everyone to participate and contribute.

It is Your Choice

You are always free to choose what you believe will bring you the highest joy. Nothing happens to you, it happens “through” you. It’s important to understand that it’s all taking place inside your consciousness. There is nothing out there; it is all inside of you. This means that if you want to experience a Harmonious Earth, all you need to do is shift yourself to that harmonious frequency. Those of us who are also choosing to experience a Harmonious Earth are doing our best to place ourselves at that frequency and are excited to join you on the journey.

Synchronicity functions perfectly and attracts those who are vibrationally aligned and repels those who aren’t. Being willing to express more of your true nature, your oneness, and share your gifts are the qualities of the individuals who will be drawn to Harmonious Earth. Those who don’t resonate with it will not be able to find it, it just won’t be visible to them, they won’t even think of it. You cannot experience what you are not the vibration of.

It Is Never Too Late To Start

You can change in one instant, so do not think it is too late because others may seem to be further ahead or have done more personal work. Everyone is expanding and has limiting beliefs that need to be transformed and integrated. Anyone who has a sincere desire and the determination to live harmoniously is joining at the perfect time…now! Living harmoniously is something that you do at all times with the people you are around in your daily life, including roommates, the bank teller, your server, the store clerk, the dog and the cat.

Women with arms open realizing Your Purpose is Achieved By Following Your ExcitementQualities of Individuals of a Harmonious Earth

Qualities of Individuals of a Harmonious Earth. The vibration of a Harmonious Earth is one of joy, excitement, unconditional love, full expression, living together in holistic unity and  sharing each person’s unique gifts.  You are just as excited for others to follow their excitement as you are about following yours.

Your excitement leads you very specifically to the next thing you need to take action on. It’s a complete adventure! Like Alice following the rabbit down the hole. You never know what is going to happen next, but it always makes sense when you look back at where you have come from. Things get done very quickly. Not as many steps are needed and time is flexible and malleable.

You realize that you support your reality, it does not support you, it has no power to support you. You are supported by your excitement and synchronicity rather than looking to the things you do to support you.

Taking part means you are excited to detach from limiting definitions that do not serve you, to love unconditionally and to live life as guided by your higher self. You are excited to let go of not being enough, filling the lack inside you with things outside of you, living in fear, and being under the illusion of polarity.

The Four D’s – 1-Desire (Willingness, Openness, Passion) to be the most you that you can be. 2-Dedication (Determination, Conviction) to be the most you that you can be. 3-Detachment (Let go, Shift, Transform) from limiting definitions. 4-Definitions (Beliefs that do not serve you) of limitation replaced with empowering definitions. An easy way to remember the four D’s is to say, “I desire and I am dedicated to detach from definitions that do not serve me.”


Hand holding tree showing what it means to donateThere are many ways to Donate. Everyone has something different to offer. Donate what you have, whether it’s money, time, talent or resources. Just a small number of unified people who are living harmoniously will change the entire world. Whatever you do that moves you and everyone else closer to a Harmonious Earth is your donation. Everything helps. It is all useful. Click here to see more about donations and other forms of donations. Click here to donate money now.


Click here to donate money! 

There are Many Ways to Donate.

Everyone has something different to offer. Donate what you have, whether it’s money, time, talent or resources. Just a small number of unified people who are living harmoniously will change the entire world. Whatever you do that moves you and everyone else closer to a Harmonious Earth is your donation.

“It is going to take all of us unifying and working together to create the harmonious communities and industries that will eventually become the Harmonious Earth.”

What Does it Mean to Donate… Who Are You Donating To?

What does it mean to donate? Who are you donating to? When you truly understand that “The One is the All and the All are the One,” you understand that you are really donating to yourself. There isn’t an “other” to donate to. When you hold back your donation you are holding back from giving to yourself. You are your Earth. Give everything to it and it will give everything to you.

How much do you want to experience a Harmonious Earth and to what extent are you willing to go? The more excited you become about experiencing yourself as a Harmonious Earth the more you want to donate. Some of us have gone all in and donated everything and some have just offered a kind word of support. It’s all perfect. We are all on our own journey and doing our best. Donate what you can and keep following your excitement to the best of your ability with no expectation and you will get where you need to go.

Bridging from the Old System to the New System

We are moving away from using the symbol of money as value to valuing people and their talents, but we’re not there yet, and in the meantime we need money for some things. Those that are still part of the existing monetary system can help by financing those who have left it. You don’t need to let go of everything all at once. Go at a pace you are comfortable with and do what you are moved to do. We need people involved at every level. Everything helps.

Donate Energetically

In order to experience a Harmonious Earth it is essential to be in the proper energetic state of harmony. Ways you can energetically donate:

1. Donate harmony…wherever you are, in everything you think, say, and do. Be the vibration of a Harmonious Earth. It will be your greatest donation.

2. Live your life, in every way you are inspired, in a way that contributes most to creating a Harmonious Earth.

3. Believe that the Earth is already harmonious and abundant. Believe that the Earth and everyone on it has what it needs to have when it needs to have it. Find harmony where you might have seen disharmony before. Remember, believing is seeing, not seeing is believing.

Donate Physically

It is essential for us to take individual physical action on our excitement to create a Harmonious Earth in order to ground that energy in physical reality. For those of us that have started down that path, we have realized it is not only going to take everything we own, but everything we think we are to shift ourselves to a reality that is reflective of the Harmonious Earth we prefer. It’s like the caterpillar and the butterfly, it takes all that the caterpillar was to become the butterfly. Here are a few ways you can physical donate:

1. Donate all or part of your land, business, your house, your car, food, gas, computer skills, service, talents, and anything else you can imagine.

2. Donate your time and energy.

3. You ability to gather people together. Connect us with people you know who have large amounts of cash that may be willing to donate.

Donate MoneyDonate Money

Donate what you can. It is all is very helpful. $5, $10, $20, $100, $1000, $100,000, $1,000,000, $1,000,000,000.

I’m not kidding about the billion dollar donation. If we can spend billions on war, why not spend billions on harmony? It’s just a shift in perspective; a change in belief systems. Let’s do it! Let’s unify and spend billions of dollars to create a Harmonious Earth!

What will the money be used for?

All of the money donated goes towards creating the new network of communities and industries. Specifically it goes towards buying the land, building housing structures and industrial structures necessary to be self sufficient. The money will be used for the expansion of the network of communities and businesses around the world that operates independently from the existing infrastructure and eventually replace them.

Get Involved

We are very excited to be a part the world transformation that is taking place. There are new groups forming everyday with values that shift us to a more Harmonious Earth. If what we are doing resonates with you, lets find how we can work together. Read more on how to Get Involved.

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