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Sedona – Hybrid Headquarters

The Sedona Harmonious Earth Community has a certain specific mandate. It is the headquarters for the network of communities involved in the Hybrid Program around the world. As the headquarters it receives information about the orchestration of the program and disperses it to the other communities, so there is organization to the flow. As the process expands there may be other key locations come up that will serve as other headquarters, but for now, Sedona is the main headquarters.

Collage of Drawings of Hybrid ChildrenIt will be one of the first ET contact locations on Earth and a sanctuary will be located near Sedona where the first waves of hybrid children come and live alongside humans and acclimatize to Earth and humans acclimatize to hybrids. The hybrids will act as step up transformers to the humans.

The Harmonious Earth Communities serve as sanctuaries or enclaves to receive the hybrid children coming to Earth sometime in next 5 to 15 years. They will serve not only as a first contact locations, but locations where hybrid children can live an acclimatize before joining the general population. The humans living at the communities will raise their vibration as high as possible, so we can meet the hybrid child and ET’s halfway. We are doing our part on Earth to live with them just as the hybrids are preparing and doing their part to come live with us.

This is a very momentous time in Earth history. Things will never be the same. We came here at this time to do this. Each of us has agreed to and has a specific role to play. We have tremendous support from their side. We have tremendous support from our side. Now it is just a matter of execution and seeing it through. It is happening and there is nothing that will stop it.

Those coming to join us in these communities know who they are and they chose to be here with us now and prepare the way for first contact and be the first humans living together with our galactic family. They have done much of their individual work and ready to do their collective group work and raise their frequency as high as possible.

See Kirk’s story of how he met his hybrid kids.

Sedona Vortex Beautiful landscape view of Cathedral Rock, one of the minor vortexes within the major Sedona vortex. Sedona, Arizona being the most power vortex in the Western Hemisphere.

Sedona is the highest frequency spot in the Western Hemisphere at a resonance of 33.​

Sedona is an incredibly powerful vortex which will enable the community to download new ideas, inspiration and new technologies on this “information highway.” This location will be the “parent company” and one of the main communication hubs for the New World network.

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