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by Harmonious Earth

2019 Adventures & Retreats

February 16-23rd, 2019 – SOLD OUT!

Hawaii Adventure 2019

2 Islands, 7 Days playing with soul tribe in the heart chakra of Earth!
February 16-23rd, 2019  Click here…


April 4-8th, 2019

 High Vibrational Food Retreat   with Bridget

 This “cooking” retreat is an immersive experience   on how live a balanced & spiritually expansive   lifestyle. $1,095 (Includes All Meals) April 4th-8th,   2019 Click here…


April 24-28th, 2019

Sedona AdventureSedona Reunion

More info coming soon!! 

April 24th-28th, 2019


May 1-5, 2019

Shakti RetreatShakti Sedona Retreat with Sandra Rolus

5 Days of life-changing sessions to Birth a new you into Being! 
$999 (Includes All Meals)
May  1-5, 2019  Click here…


June 5-9th, 2019

 Glastonbury Retreat with   Bridget Nielsen

 “Rekindle The Magic Of Your Soul!” 4 days of   megaliths, crop circles & soul family!
 £695 ($885 or €780)
 June 5-9th, 2019  Click here…

September 18-23rd, 2019

Maui Feminine Awakening with Bridget Nielsen

Ignite and embody your divine essence with sacred sisterhood! 
$1,650 (Includes 5 night stay)
September 18-23rd, 2018  Click here…

About Adventures

What are Adventures? Adventures are held in high energy locations with groups of like-hearted people doing fun and adventurous activities, eating healthy organic vegan food, sharing in uplifting heart centered sessions that, expand us, bond us together and lift our spirits.

Descriptions of Adventures from participants… exciting, fun, uplifting, expansive, and transformational.

Adventures have been designed with different dates, locations and prices, so everyone can participate and find something that works for them. Join us in this fun and exciting way to connect with each other, nature and ourselves.

My experience was a big mixture of challenges, love, overcoming fear, getting to know myself, growing my confidence and connecting with people who made me feel like I could do anything and I was worthy of anything I set my sights on. I’m changed forever because I came to Maui.

Ruth Watson


I really had the time of my life. THANK YOU dear family for the greatest Adventure ever! Everything was perfect! everything! the most beautiful dream ever!!! What made the Adventure unique, beautiful and profound was the group connection and I experienced what PLAYFULNESS means.

Rosana Suarez


Photo Galleries of Recent Adventures

Click on Photo Albums to browse through a full collection of photos of each event


Sedona Adventure

Live Your Excitement ~ Discover Your True Essence


Sedona Adventure Theme – Live Your Excitement

  • Discover your innate value and place within the human tribe
  • 4 days of expansion in the Sedona AZ vortex!
  • Make strong, deep and intimate connections within this group and with others

Activities, Hikes and Healthy Food

  • Hikes to Vortexes including Cathedral Rock and Womb Cave
  • Swim in Oak Creek
  • Music Sound Bath Evening by local musicians
  • Human Design, detailed reading and analysis
  • Color Your Essence Painting Session


Hawaii Adventure

Connect With the Dolphin and Whale Cetacean Nation


Hawaii Adventure Theme – Connect With the Dolphin and Whale Cetacean Nation

  • Make contact and commun with the Cetacean Nations Dolphins and Whales
  • Make strong, deep and intimate connections with the group members
  • Toning & Chakra Opening, Meditation Journeys, Morning Chi Gong on the Beach, Group Sharing Circles.

Activities, Kayaking and Snorkeling

  • Swim/Snorkel with Dolphins from a boat
  • Ocean Kayaking with Humpback Whales
  • Watercolor Painting sessions
  • Hiking and Swimming in High Energy Rivers, Pools & Waterfalls
  • Meditiating at the Top of Haleakala Volcano – Earth’s Heart Chakra


Mayan Mexico Caribbean Adventure

Connect With the Mayans and Yukitan Vortex

Mayan Mexico Caribbean Adventure

  • Theme – A Fresh Start…Bringing in the New You! Use the beautiful setting of the clear blue waters of the Caribbean sea and the high energy of the Yucatan peninsula vortex to wash away old outdated perspectives and see through the eyes of a new higher vibrational world.
  • Tulum Mayan Temple Tour
  • Cenotes & Lagoon Snorkeling – Explore Spring-water Water Sinkholes and Magical Caves
  • Cozumel Catamaran and Turquoise Water Snorkeling (We’ll ferry from Playa Del Carmen)
  • Jungle Zip Lines, Ancient Wall Rock Climbing, and Rappelling.
  • Playa Del Carmen Beach and Sightseeing


Mt Shasta and Redwoods Adventure

Connecting With the Crown Chakra and Tree Ambassadors of the World


Shasta Adventure Theme – Connect With the Crown Chakra and Your Divine Self

  • Take in the Infinite Nature of Mt. Shasta & The Redwoods
  • Make Contact With: The Hybrid Children, ETs, Middle Earth Beings, Faries
  • Raise your vibration with the Ambassadors of the Tree Kingdom…The Redwoods

Activities, Waterfalls and Hikes

  • Explore the magic of Panther Meadows and mingle with Faries
  • Jump into Burney Falls and McCloud Falls
  • View and swim in the amazing blues waters of Crater Lake

Your Adventure Facilitators

Sandra Rolus

“I will be welcoming you with love and support throughout the adventure and assisting you in opening your heart to experience more of your natural self.” Go To Sandra’s Website

Kirk Nielsen

“I love seeing people be their true puzzle piece. I am very enthusiastic about living my joy and assisting you in living your joy, and helping you to expand and be the most you can be in the beautiful Mayan Riviera.” See Kirk’s Website

Bridget Nielsen

“My intention is to awakening new treasures within your consciousness as you fall in love with yourself in paradise. I am thrilled to hold space as you meet more of yourself through being in nature.” See Bridget’s Website

Patrick Haize

“As musician, I will be assisting you in opening your being with sound, toning and music. I’m excited to assist your adventure and well-being in any way I can.” See Patrick’s Website


by Harmonious Earth

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